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Cultural Integration Foundation invites you to the third edition of

PalmJazz Festiwal,

This year's festival will run from 7th to 28th of October 2012. Traditionally, most of the concerts will take place in Gliwice. As usual, we will go out outside its precinct, inviting the audience to events in other cities in Silesia (Chorzów, Świętochłowice, Katowice). We will meet the artists coming from five continents and more than a dozen countries. We will not only listen to jazz, but also set off in search of the music of the ethnic roots and inspirations. Exceptional artists will take us to the most distant and exotic corners of the world. We hope that the festival audience once more will appreciate their great virtuosity.

PalmJazz guests are both great world's scenes celebrities and performers less known, but no less distinguished.

We are sure - as it was in the previous edition - that from the moment the first sounds will enchant listeners, artists will establish kind of bond with them, that will result a unique atmosphere prevailed during the entire festival. Amazing mood of each concert will arise the appetite for the next  concerts hearing. We believe, that all listeners will be delighted with play John Scofield Trio, an unusual attractions will also be performances by Al Foster with Wallace Roney, Joe Lovano with Dave Douglas and „Duende” by Avishai Cohen. There will be celebrities such as Miroslav Vitous, Nils Peter Molvaer and Michel Portal, and that is only a handful of the great amount of musicians taking part in this extraordinary cultural event.

The unique experience will be a special performance of Christopher Kobyliński’s cycle works „Sagrada Familia" by classical musicians: Jekaterina and Stanisław Drzewiecki, jazz: Zbigniew Namysłowski and Dima Gorelik and eluding categorization: Reut Rivka Shabi and Boris Malkowski.

PalmJazz Festival is a great remarkable musical feast.





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